The past two years I have served as TOVA’s Treasurer and a Director on TOVA’s Board of Directors.  It has been a pleasure to serve our members and this great organization.  On January 1, I handed over the Treasurer’s duties to Frank Bravate, TOVA’s new Treasurer.  Frank will do an outstanding job for TOVA.  TOVA ended the year in great shape!

The Trilogy Orlando Veterans Association (TOVA) started 2018 with a beginning balance of $4,427.02.  The ending balance is $17,655.78.

Throughout the year TOVA supported the following Veteran Organizations and Community Causes with the amounts shown:

  Flags For Fallen Veterans (FFFA) Member Donations                                   1,161.55         

  Flags For Fallen Veterans (FFFV) - TOVA                                                       500.00

  South Lake NJROTC                                                                                 1,000.00         

  Veterans Multi-Purpose Center                                                                    500.00

  Wreaths Across America (WAA) Member Donations                                    1,400.00         

  Wreaths Across America (WAA) - TOVA                                                     1,000.00         

  VA CLC (Bingo, Gifts and Recreation Therapy Support)                               2,184.10                     

  Groveland Cares                                                                                      None (Carried over to 2019)  

  Wildflower Trilogy Club                                                                               150.00

  Honor Flight                                                                                              500.00

  Home at Last                                                                                           None (Carried over to 2019)  

  Paws for Vets                                                                                            500.00

  Other                                                                                                       422.47

  Overall Total:                                                                                         9,318.12        


This year the FFFV project received $1,161.55 in member donations and TOVA contributed $500.00 for a total of $1,661.55 compared to $1,305.00 in 2017.  Keith Woll, FFFV Chairperson, spearheaded this project. Thank you Keith for a great job!

The WAA project this year received $1,400.00 in member donations and TOVA contributed $1,000.00 for a total of $2,400.00 compared to $1,290.00 in 2017.                


A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone that donated to these wonderful organizations.

Another wonderful organization supported was the Lake Nona VA Community Living Center (CLC).  A contribution of $534.10 was provided to help fund the Quarterly Bingo program. Plus TOVA contributed a check to the VA CLC for $1,650.00 to be used for gifts for the veterans that live there and to support the Recreation Therapy Department.  TOVA contributed an overall total of $2,184.10 to the VA CLC.                          


A special thank you goes to Jean Agnew, a TOVA member, and Jackie Jacobellis, both members of the Trilogy Fidget Club, for making 10 Fidget Lap Mats for the Lake Nona VA CLC.  The Fidget Lap Mats were presented at the Quarterly Bingo program on November 13th. They will be used by the veterans living there.


Also, 1,800 DVDs were donated to the VA CLC by Doug Novin, a Trilogy Orlando homeowner. These two sets of gifts were estimated to be valued around $2,000.00.  Thank you Jean, Jackie, and Doug for these wonderful gifts!

I want to say thank you to Mimi and Bob Miller, for all they do as members of TOVA in support of our veterans and the veterans that live at the Lake Nona VA CLC.  On behalf of TOVA, you guys are greatly appreciated and are a blessing to everyone.

Overall, TOVA’s combined monetary amount contributed in 2018 was $9,318.12 compared to $5949.96 in 2017. With the two sets of gifts donated to the VA CLC, noted above, TOVA contributed an overall total of $11,318.12 in money and gifts this year.

On December 17, 2018, the Budget Committee held its final meeting for the year.  Based on the Committee’s 2019 Budget Assumptions, the Committee approved the 2019 TOVA Preliminary Budget. The Preliminary Budget was approved by the TOVA Board of Directors.

In 2019, we are looking for another great year and a lot of good things happening in TOVA.  As of now, we have three fundraising events (two shows and a dance) already planned and/or booked which will generate additional revenue for TOVA.  Plus, we continue to grow in membership.

TOVA continues to make a tremendous impact in our community and the surrounding communities.  With the help of our membership and community, TOVA will continue to grow and provide wonderful support to the Veteran Organizations and Community Causes that we support.


Danny McQueen, TOVA Treasurer

2018 TOVA Budget Income

2018 TOVA Budget Expenses