Bingo at the VA Community Living Center in Lake Nona

TOVA volunteers go to the VA CLC (Community Living Center) in Lake Nona about once a quarter. HUGE thanks go to Mimi Miller, our organizer for this fantastic event!  


Our volunteers help get the residents from their units and bring them into the multi-purpose room for Bingo. Bob Miller usually calls Bingo, and one of our other members is the "banker" who pays the residents canteen books when they win a game. We assist the residents in playing Bingo (some residents lack the cognitive ability to identify the correct number called and some cannot see the board or move their arms in order to slide the number down). We also set up a table for refreshments. A few staff sit with a couple of Veterans who cannot have any refreshments (can't swallow, etc), and our volunteers help the Veterans with their Bingo cards, some just talk and interact with them. 


When the move was made from Winter Park to Lake Nona, one of the staff said they lost about 70 percent of their volunteers.  We know our TOVA Bingo is always greatly appreciated.  Many, many thanks to those TOVA members who volunteer!

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