The Commander's Message

Heading 1

I hope this note finds all of you healthy and content! It seems weird, at least to me, that it is already, almost, August. With all the restrictions and "limits" placed upon our once typical behavior and routine, I would have thought this year would be dragging by. 

Along with the, seemingly light-speed, passing days comes the day we ALL should be preparing for. That would be November 3, 2020. While Independence Day is our most blessed and important national day for celebration, the election dates rate a very close second. 


Regardless of political affiliation, except those domestic enemies proposing the collapse/abolishment of the Constitution, it is your responsibility to sustain this great republic through peaceful and appropriate activism. If you do not feel you are appropriately represented, then work to replace your representative. 

“We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” Thomas Jefferson

So, between now and November 3, put on your big boy and big girl pants and put in the work required to keep the most exceptional nation that ever existed, the most exceptional nation that ever existed. 


Again, thank you for your TOVA support and participation!  


God bless you and America.


Jim O’Neil                                                                                         


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