The Commander's Message

Heading 1

I hope this note finds all of you healthy and content! Another year has nearly passed us by and my third favorite holiday is again a memory. I sincerely hope each of us took the Thanksgiving opportunity to deeply reflect on the blessings and benefits that, buy the grace of God and only by that grace, have been bestowed upon all of those fortunate to be living in the greatest country in history.


Like many of you, I have traveled to, and spent significant time in, places that have allowed me to develop a perspective that affords an understanding of the exceptional blessings we frequently take for granted and the insight to passionately appreciate the bounty of my/our circumstances. We are indeed a blessed group.


TOVA members, and the Trilogy community, are an impressive tribe. That assessment is frequently substantiated by your donation of time and funds in support of TOVA's and other community efforts. I am proud to be among you.

I pass on the TOVA Board's wishes for a blessed and healthy holiday celebration. May you and your families remain safe, prosperous, and appreciative.  

Again, thank you for your TOVA support and participation!  


God bless you and America.


Jim O’Neil                                                                                         


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