Donate to TOVA's Activities


You have an opportunity to help TOVA fund some of the activities that we do! 

Your donations are tax-deductible, and will help free up the funds TOVA collects for other functions.

Just choose the item you'd like to help fund, decide whether you can fund the entire item or just part of it, 

and click the DONATE button to pay with a credit card (there is a place for Special Instructions when you donate - please fill in what you are going to help fund) OR give a check to our Treasurer, Frank Bravate, with the donation information (i.e. Flags for Fallen Veterans)

We Cannot Thank You enough!!

Areas Where Your Donated Could Be Used...

BINGO, Doughnuts


BINGO, Prizes


Holiday Parade, Gift Card, Candies


July 4th, Prizes


Memorial Day, Programs


Memorial Day, Bagpiper


Meals for Invited Guests


Sponsorship for Events

$25 - $500

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