2020 Eagle/ Memorial Garden Ballot - February 18th, 2020

Results of the Vote


     On February 18th, during the TOVA membership meeting, the membership voted to replace the Eagle and Pedestal only.  The Memorial Garden plans have been cancelled and will not be pursued.

Explanation of the Vote


     On February 18th, there will be a vote between one of two choices regarding the Eagle Monument and the Memorial Garden.  The Home Owners Association(HOA) Board has already approved TOVA building the Memorial Garden, so only TOVA members in good standing shall be able to participate in this vote.

     Members will get to choose between the replacement of the Eagle Monument only, or replace the Eagle Monument AND enhance the Memorial Garden with certain stipulations.

     For the voter's edification, the background and proposed details were presented at the January 21st TOVA Membership meeting that was open to all members of Trilogy.  Below is a summary of the choices and their impact.

Replacement of the Eagle Monument



     When the HOA installed the Flagpole, TOVA was given the responsibility for providing and maintaining our Country’s flag and the POW/MIA Flag and the surrounding area.  The Flags’ conditions are monitored by TOVA and when they become worn and/or damaged, they are taken out of service and replaced with new ones purchased by TOVA.  This happen so discreetly and without advertisement that it goes unnoticed by many.

     In late 2015, TOVA received permission from the HOA to install an Eagle monument as part of a future Memorial Garden.  Shea Homes contributed by building the wood framed, painted Styrofoam pedestal.  The HOA, Shea Homes and TOVA collectively donated the Eagle Statue and the Bronze Anodized Dedication Plaque.

TOVA Responsibilities

     TOVA has maintained responsibility to maintain the Eagle Monument regardless of what other events occur.  The TOVA Board has agreed the best way to fulfill this responsibility is to reduce future costs and maintain a respectable memorial is to replace the wooden pedestal and Eagle with a more durable long-lasting set.  In addition, the existing Dedication Plaque will be remounted on the replacement pedestal.

     Regardless of which option wins, the replacement of the Eagle Monument will occur.  It is the TOVA Board's intent to include it in the description of both options so that it is understood that the action will occur regardless of whether the Memorial Garden enhancements are approved or not.

Memorial Garden



     At the October 21st, 2019 HOA Board meeting, the HOA Board approved the enhancements to the Memorial Garden as presented by then Vice-Commander, Danny McQueen.   The Board stipulated that the enhancements must be completed at one time, which means both walls, walkway, etc must be completed(and paid for, obviously) at the same time.  All costs will come from TOVA Funds.  The expectation is that enough plaques will be sold to not only cover the costs of all construction, maintenance and future additional revenues to TOVA.


Construction and Design

     There will be a concrete walkway that will connect the panels and will be handicapped accessible.  It will allow viewing of Plaques placed on either side of the panels in Remembrance of Deceased Veterans.

     The panels will be made from concrete that is Glass Fiber Reinforced @ 3000 psi.

     An additional plaque will be added to honor Pat Breedlove, for her devotion, dedication and donation to TOVA.  This plaque will be an Anodized Bronze Plaque placed on the back of the Eagle Monument.

     In conjunction with TOVA, the Wildflowers of Trilogy Garden Club has volunteered to do a reconfiguration and beautification of the Memorial Ground.

     Lighting will consist of 6 lights per panel and 4 lights around the flag pole and the pedestal.


     There are concerns that there will never be enough interest and income to both cover all the costs and provide additional income for TOVA to use towards their primary objects of serving the veterans.

     There are concerns that the project should be completed because it shows respect and remembrance to the veterans regardless of any profits or losses from the project.

     There are concerns that all the monies tied up in the project could be spent on other projects with more immediate effect than "gambling" on profits from the Memorial Garden enhancement.


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