Flags for Fallen Vets, May 23, 2015

Florida National Cemetery at Bushnell

On the morning of May 23rd, a group of 21 individuals from TOVA spent their morning honoring some of the fallen veterans at the National Cemetery in Bushnell.  Sponsored by the organizaton Flags for Fallen Vets, this group braved the sun and the heat to make sure that those veterans had flags on their graves.  A precise ceremony was conducted each time a flag was placed:  the flags were put at a specific depth to provide uniformity throughout the cemetery; the veteran's name was spoken aloud; and the veteran was thanked for his or her service.  


TOVA members placed a total of 1600 flags that morning.  Those who couldn't attend donated $265 towards purchasing the flags which was matched by a donation of $250 from the TOVA treasury.  


I (your webmaster) am certain that the individuals who attended this event do not want any recognition for what they did for these veterans, but I am going to say "Thank You" to them anyway!  Those who made the trip were:  Keith and Cheryl Breedlove, Doug and Pat Christopher, Frank Frech, Ira Goldberg, Jim and Paulette Grimes, Bobby and Kaye Justice, Rick and Elaine Lengyel, Herman Martinez, Roger Metzger, Jerry and Diane Quinn, Calvin and Sue Roseberry, John and Marcia Walsh, and the one who spearheaded this event, Keith Woll.  Many, many thanks to all!


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Many thanks to photographers Keith Woll, Herman Martinez, and Frank Frech!