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Flags for Fallen Vets


We need to your help to fund a TOVA project, Flags for Fallen Vets,

by donating money to purchase the flags!

This year, our goal is for TOVA to match up to $1,000 towards this fantastic cause!

$25 = 47 flags

 $50 = 94 flags

$100 =118 flags

$125 = 235 flags

$500 = 943 flags

All Donations are Tax Deductible

We need volunteers. we need donations. 

 Donations can be done in 2 ways:

  • Give a check to Frank Bravate, made out to TOVA (with notation: "Flags for Fallen Vets")  or

  • contribute with credit card using PayPal: 



To Volunteer for Flag Placement/Retrieval,

Please click on the Registration Form Button:





Many, many thanks!

2020 Flags For Fallen Vets

Remember those who had served.

2020 is the 6th year that TOVA and Trilogy Orlando will be participating in the Flags for Fallen Vets. 

Over 140,000 American Flags will be placed on the graves of every Veteran at Bushnell National Cemetery.  Each Veteran will be thanked for their service. 

The date for placement is Sunday, May 24, 9:00 A.M.

The date for removal will be on Saturday, May 30, 9:00 A.M.


Last year over $1600 was raised by TOVA and Trilogy Orlando residents.  So far, we have raised only $1287. TOVA is matching the raised fund up to $800.  With the matching funds, we have broken last years record in donations.  This gives us $2087 .

If every TOVA member donated $5, this would bring in an additional moneys of over $800, giving TOVA FFFV over $2887. 

 Now is the time to sign up for this annual event. Now is the time to donate.  Click on the donate button to pay with a credit card using PayPal.  You can also donate by writing a check to TOVA with a notation "Flags for Fallen Vets".  The checks can be given to Keith Woll or any member of the board.


Additional information can be found at

Thank you for your continued support for this worthwhile project.