Help Picking Your Own Seat

on Eventbrite's Site


You can definitely pick your own seat!!! Here’s how: 


  • When you get to the seat map that shows the layout of the tables, on the right is a listing of the tickets that the program picked for you. It’s labeled “Your Order”.

  • Under the seat they picked, there is a trashcan. Click on the trashcan to delete their choice for you.

  • Use the minus sign on the bottom left of the screen to zoom out, if needed.

  • Click on the table you are interested in. The program will zoom in so you can see the seats at that table.

  • Choose your seats by clicking on the yellow circle of the seats you want.

  • If the circle is grayed out, it has already been bought by someone else, and you need to choose a different seat.


Any questions, PLEASE feel free to call!


Joe Depergola

Phone: 352-708-4787