Board Nominations

This year, we are taking nominations for Commander, Secretary, and Director-at-Large.  There is also the position of Vice-Commander that was vacated when John Mathias resigned and Danny McQueen was assigned as

Interim Vice-Commander for one year.

The Vice-Commander position will then go back to the normal elections in 2020. 

Commander and Vice-Commander MUST be a Veteran.  ALL Board positions MUST be a MEMBER of TOVA.

As of the November General Meeting, additional nominations will not be accepted. 

Click here to submit your nomination: 


Become a integrate part of TOVA - Volunteer.

On our Membership Application, we asked new members to indicate any areas of interest or volunteer opportunities that they may want to take an active part in. 

If you would like to become an active part in any of TOVA's committees, and you are a member of TOVA, openings are available.

If you wish to become  our Chaplin or a Chairperson of any open position,  please contact the Commander - Sheldon Krieger (  

to volunteer for these positions. 

Trilogy Orlando Veterans Association Members


We are seeking your advice in recommending local businesses that you feel deserve the opportunity to take part in TOVA's exciting publication and event on November 2, 2019.  This will include restaurants, health care providers, auto dealers, retail stores, home repair experts, decorators and any business professionals.  If you find any type of business and you strongly feel they were good for you, we ask you to share.  Please email or call any of the below members of TOVA so we can follow up for you.  If you wish to help in this project, please also contact us.  Thank you in advance for your support. 

Barry Horowitz



Jack Quinlan


TOVA would like to thank Dale Roland and her helpers;

Anne Reiss, Marie Mastendrea, and Barbara Hebling

for their outstanding work in helping TOVA provide a great Veterans Appreciation Party. 

Thank You to All