Sheldon Krieger

US Navy


Sheldon Krieger served in the United States Navy from 1969-1973 in radio communications.  He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, College Park and also received his Master's Degrees at the University of Maryland at Baltimore and The Johns Hopkins University. While supporting the defense electronics industry, Sheldon worked directly with the US Military and its Allies in the development, implementation, integration, and maintenance of various defense electronics products to serve and protect the missions of our soldiers. After a 32+ year career as a Computer Engineer/Manager at Northrop Grumman (Westinghouse), he retired and moved to Trilogy with his wife, Mary, in December of 2014. 

Vice Commander (Interim)

Danny McQueen

US Army 


Danny and his wife (Linda) moved to Trilogy in November 2015. 

Danny served in two branches of the military, the Air Force and the Army, totaling 23 years.  He received a Direct Commission to First Lieutenant in the Army Chemical Corps in 1981. He deployed in 1990 to Saudi Arabia for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Service.  His military career culminated as a Detachment Commander, Company Commander and Battalion Executive Officer.  He retired as a Major in May 1994. Danny continued a second career serving as the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) for the Lanett High School Army JROTC program in Lanett, Alabama from 1994 - 2010.  He has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Central Texas with Graduate studies completed from Jacksonville State University.  Danny is a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College. 



Joe DePergola

US Navy

Joe was born in January 1949, grew up in Brooklyn, NY, attended City College of New York, enlisted in the US Navy and served on the USS Wainwright during the Viet Nam conflict from 1968 to 1972.

After completing my education and military service he relocated to Illinois and worked as a controls engineer/circuit designer/draftsman for an electrical control panel builder, and for the packaging division of Union Carbide Corporation. As a sales engineer for Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley and for Honeywell/Micro Switch, his career allowed me to work continuously with the specifying, selling and implementation of Electrical Control, Sensor, and Safety Products.


Frank Bravate

My name is Frank Bravate. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Upon receiving my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Accounting, I moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


In 1973, I obtained a position as a Tax Auditor for the State of Florida, Sales Tax Division.  After seven years, I took a position as Senior Auditor with the State of Florida Auditor General Office. I audited state government agencies throughout South Florida, until my retirement in March, 2007.

I also volunteered as Treasurer for Boy Scout of America Troop 383 for eight years.  I spent ten years as Treasurer for a local chapter of The Compassionate Friends, a support group for parents who have lost children. 

In addition, I volunteered for the American Cancer Society as a driver in a program called “Road to Recovery”. For eighteen months I drove patients who were too sick to drive or had no transportation to doctor appointments, chemotherapy treatment, or radiation treatment. 

I moved to Trilogy in August, 2017 with my wife Chris.



Martin Barron

US Air Force


After serving four years active which included tours in Vietnam and Germany I used the GI Bill to complete my engineering degree and worked in the United States and overseas as a contractor helping build the Saudi Arabia infrastructure.  During the 1980s I then went back to school and obtained a Computer Science and Mathematical degree and started programming and have worked in industries that included financial, medial, business operations and optical character recognition.


Sergeant of Arms

Herman Evans

The Sergeant-At-Arms' duties will include the preparation of the Event Center ensuring operational readiness in order to hold scheduled meetings or events.  They will further coordinate with the Magnolia House management personnel as necessary, ensuring that the proper required equipment for guest speakers and members are in place.  They will further assist in maintaining good order and discipline during all TOVA related meetings and functions.  The Sergeant-at-Arms will coordinate their activities with the Events Chairperson, if appropriate. 

Supply Officer

John Walsh

The Supply Officer is responsible for accountability and control of all TOVA-owned merchandise or equipment to include head covers, uniforms, and service flags.  The Supply Officer will often work closely with the Treasurer ensuring the ordering, paying for, and issuance of items such as shirts and hats to members in good standing.  They will keep and accurate log of members who have been issued or have paid for TOVA equipment or merchandise. 


Position Currently Vacant

The Chaplain will act as TOVA's Spiritual and Religious leader representing all denominations to offer the invocation at the monthly TOVA General Membership Meetings. The Chaplain will work closely with the Outreach Committee Chairperson (Debbi Ozak) to provide assistance to known individuals or families who may find themselves in need within the Trilogy community or in support of Veterans. Report circumstances requiring assistance to the TOVA Board of Directors.


This is currently a vacant position - if you are interested, please contact Shelon Krieger at

TOVA WebMaster

Catherine Arnold


(NOTE: Send Event Pictures to this email)

The webmast will monitor and maintain all aspects of the TOVA website.  Additionally it is their responsibilty to ensure that upcoming events are advertised on the My Trilogy Life website and weekly newletter, and that the informationconcerning TOVA is accurate and up-to-date on that site.  The Webmaster will serve as a technology advisor to the TOVA Board as needed. 



Chairpersons: Eleanor Winsor (


Dean Shahan (

TOVA has adopted Wilson Lake Parkway as part of the Adopt-a-Roadway Program. In order to be in this program, the organization must adopt a minimum of 2 miles of roadway. A current road permit application must be on file with the Lake County Public Works Department. The TOVA member that coordinates this ongoing project has several responsibilities:  notify the County of the date and time of the pickup, how many volunteers participated, how long the group was out, and how many bags of garbage were picked up; maintain a safe working environment for the volunteers; work with the Webmaster to publicize the event and add photos; conduct pickups a minimum of four times a year.


Events Committee

Chairperson: (Currently Vacant)

The Events Committee is responsible for the planning, organization, staffing, and execution of all veterans and TOVA social events held within the geographical boundaries of Trilogy. This includes coordination with the Blue Star team and other organizations or government entities, as applicable. The Chairpersons will spearhead this committee and report directly to the Board as well as attend monthly committee meetings.


Historian Committee

Chairperson: (Currently Vacant)


The Historian Committee shall be responsible for gathering and maintaining historical and event articles, photos, writings, or memorabilia for membership review.  The Historian will arrange for photography and collection of any photos provided by members of any and all events that need to be recorded for future TOVA members to remember those that came before them.


Membership Committee

Chairperson: Carol DePergola



The Membership Committee is the initial contact for any individual requesting membership in TOVA. He or she then submits the received application to the Secretary for screening. The Membership Chairperson also maintains an accurate roster of all TOVA members. He or she also assists in the collection of dues. At the monthly membership meetings, the Membership Chairperson will give a report that includes a current membership update and also introduces any new members to the group.


Outreach Committee

Chairperson: Cheryl Hall


The chairperson of this committee will be assisted by at least two other members who are charged with providing assistance to known individuals or families who may find themselves in need within the Trilogy community.  The Outreach Committee will call the individual(s), offering help to assist in whatever is needed, send a card based on the circumstances such as Get Well or Sympathy.  If necessary, a Chaplain and a veteran will be made available.  The committee encourages the membership to notify it of any needs so action can be taken.

Public Affairs Committee

Chairperson: Keith Breedlove


The Public Affairs Committee gathers facts as needed from the TOVA Board/Membership and distributes them to the members of the organization and the public; produces various media formats about TOVA for dissemination to the necessary organizations/individuals; maintains a virtual presence to include the organization’s website and other social media sites, and interfaces with the MyTrilogyLife website and newsletter; serves as the focal point and works closely with TOVA chairpersons for communications to members and outside individuals concerning upcoming events. If interested, please contact Sheldon Krieger at

Veteran's Support

Chairperson: Mimi Miller



The Veterans Support Committee serves as a focal point for identifying veteran groups and programs to support. When a decision to give assistance has been made, the committee develops the plan and arranges for volunteers and other resources.