Meet our Staff and Volunteers

Board of Directors
Jim O'Neil


The Commander is the chief executive director of the association and is responsible for

fulfilling the mission of TOVA and providing oversight, or delegating oversight authority, 

for all administrative, operational, and financial activities. The Commander is a voting

member at all association meetings, be an ex-officio member of all committees, and serve

as the official spokesperson on all matters of public interest concerning TOVA.

Vice Commander
Danny McQueen
The Vice Commander is the second-ranking director and is responsible for filling all

of the duties of the Commander in their absence. In conjunction with the

Association's Commander, the Vice Commander appoints all committees and provides

supervision of the operation of those committees.



Mike Gris

The Secretary is responsible for club records and correspondence. The Secretary has

custody of the official by-laws and all other records and documents of TOVA, keeps an

accurate record of the meetings and activities of the Association and elected directors,

maintains an accurate status of each individual member, and transmits the same to the

successor in office. The Secretary provides notices of meetings as required by these

by-laws, and immediately notifies the directors of any change in the roster of individual




Frank Bravate


The Treasurer is responsible for carrying out the organization's financial policies and procedures. The Treasurer receives and disburses, with the approval of the directors, all Association funds, all financial obligations as they come due, and keeps an accurate account of all transactions. The Treasurer shall make financial reports to members and directors at each monthly meeting and upon request.  The Treasurer shall transmit the accounts and all undistributed funds to the successor in office at the end of the Treasurer's term. 

Sheldon Kreiger

The Member-at-Large will not have specific, assigned duties. Instead, the needs of

TOVA will determine the common duties and job assignments.  These assignments will

be delegated by the Commander.

Victor Cepeda

The duties of the Sergeant-at-Arms  will include the preparation of the Event Center

ensuring operational readiness in order to hold scheduled meetings or events.  They will

further coordinate with the Magnolia House management personnel as necessary,

ensuring that the proper required equipment for guest speakers and members are in

place.  They will further assist in maintaining good order and discipline during all TOVA

related meetings and functions.  The Sergeant-at-Arms will coordinate their activities

with the Events Chairperson, if appropriate. 

Events Promoter
  • Responsible for promoting TOVA and and all other events on the Grille TV. 

  • Sets up and manages the EventBrite online Ticket system for all TOVA events.

  • Attends and represents TOVA at the Bi-monthly BlueStar Events meeting.

Supply Officer

John Walsh

The Supply Officer is responsible for accountability and control of all TOVA-owned merchandise or equipment to include head covers, uniforms, and service flags.  The Supply Officer will often work closely with the Treasurer ensuring the ordering, paying for, and issuance of items such as shirts and hats to members in good standing.  They will keep and accurate log of members who have been issued or have paid for TOVA equipment or merchandise. 

TOVA Monthly Newsletter
Mike Gris

Responsible for managing, compiling and distributing the TOVA Monthly Newsletter email.


The Chaplain will act as TOVA's Spiritual and Religious leader representing all denominations to offer the invocation at the monthly TOVA General Membership Meetings. The Chaplain will work closely with the Outreach Committee Chairperson to provide assistance to known individuals or families who may find themselves in need within the Trilogy community or in support of Veterans. Report circumstances requiring assistance to the TOVA Board of Directors.


This is currently a vacant position - if you are interested, please contact 

Flags for Fallen Veterans

Keith Woll

Flags for Fallen Vets is a non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that “an American flag is placed on EVERY Veterans grave site, at each National Cemetery in the country for Memorial Day”.


2020 is the 6th year that TOVA,  and Trilogy Orlando will be participating in the Flags for Fallen Vets. This annual event takes place over a two day period at Florida National Cemetary. The first day flags are placed over every Veterans, and their spouse's final resting place. Before each flag is placed, each Veterans name is spoken out loud and they are thanked for their service. The date for this year’s placement is Sunday, May 24, 2020. On the following weekend, Saturday, May 30, 2020, the flags are removed.


We need volunteers and donations. Please go to our website by clicking here.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Keith Woll.

Wreaths Across America

Tim Shea & Peggy Shea

Wreaths Across America is a national nonprofit whose primary mission is to fulfill its motto of “Remember, Honor and Teach” — that is, remember our fallen U.S. veterans, honor those who serve and teach your children the value of freedom.

Tova has been involved with this organization for about four years all made possible with contributions from TOVA and the Trilogy community.  Nineteen members of TOVA had the honor of placing wreaths on gravesites at Bushnell National Cemetery this past December.

Tim and Peggy were introduced to this non-profit organization about eight years ago while living in Massachusetts.

TOVA Blood Drive

Patrick Wellington

Besides being a board member of the Cascades of Groveland Community Development District (CDD), Patrick serves as the chairperson of the TOVA Blood Drives held every eight weeks here at the Sports Pavilion near to the Tennis and Pickle ball courts.


One unit of blood can potentially save 4 child’s life of 3 adult persons! Our target is 33 units per blodd drive event. We typically easily surpass that target!

Thank you, Trilogy Orlando Residents!

Dates for the blood drive for the rest of 2020 are:

March 13,

May 8,

June 5,

July 3,

August 28,

October 23,

December 18

TOVA WebMaster
Martin Barron


The webmaster will monitor and maintain all aspects of the TOVA website and will serve as a technology advisor to the TOVA Board as needed. 




Chairpersons: Eleanor Winsor ( and

Dean Shahan (
Current Contact:

Raymond Karosas (

TOVA has adopted Wilson Lake Parkway as part of the Adopt-a-Roadway Program. In order to be in this program, the organization must adopt a minimum of 2 miles of roadway. A current road permit application must be on file with the Lake County Public Works Department. The TOVA member that coordinates this ongoing project has several responsibilities:  notify the County of the date and time of the pickup, how many volunteers participated, how long the group was out, and how many bags of garbage were picked up; maintain a safe working environment for the volunteers; work with the Webmaster to publicize the event and add photos; conduct pickups a minimum of four times a year.

Public Affairs Committee

Chairperson: Vacant


The Public Affairs Committee gathers facts as needed from the TOVA Board/Membership and distributes them to the members of the organization and the public; produces various media formats about TOVA for dissemination to the necessary organizations/individuals; maintains a virtual presence to include the organization’s website and other social media sites, and interfaces with the MyTrilogyLife website and newsletter; serves as the focal point and works closely with TOVA chairpersons for communications to members and outside individuals concerning upcoming events. 

Historian Committee

Chairperson: Dennis Wall


The Historian Committee shall be responsible for gathering and maintaining historical and event articles, photos, writings, or memorabilia for membership review.  The Historian will arrange for photography and collection of any photos provided by members of any and all events that need to be recorded for future TOVA members to remember those that came before them.


Membership Committee

Chairperson: John Asaro


The Membership Committee is the initial contact for any individual requesting membership in TOVA. The Chairperson submits the received application to the Secretary for screening. The Chairperson also maintains an accurate roster of all TOVA members and assists in the collection of dues. At the monthly membership meetings, the Chairperson provides a current membership report and introduces any new members to the group.


Outreach Committee

Chairperson: Cheryl Hall


The chairperson of this committee will be assisted by at least two other members who are charged with providing assistance to known individuals or families who may find themselves in need within the Trilogy community.  The Outreach Committee will call the individual(s), offering help to assist in whatever is needed, send a card based on the circumstances such as Get Well or Sympathy.  If necessary, a Chaplain and a veteran will be made available.  The committee encourages the membership to notify it of any needs so action can be taken.

Events Committee

Chairperson: (Currently Vacant)

The Events Committee is responsible for the planning, organization, staffing, and execution of all veterans and TOVA social events held within the geographical boundaries of Trilogy. This includes coordination with the Blue Star team and other organizations or government entities, as applicable. The Chairpersons will spearhead this committee and report directly to the Board as well as attend monthly committee meetings.

Veteran's Support

Chairperson: Mimi Miller



The Veterans Support Committee serves as a focal point for identifying veteran groups and programs to support. When a decision to give assistance has been made, the committee develops the plan and arranges for volunteers and other resources.

Budget Committee

Chairperson: Frank Bravate


The Budget Committee is responsible for creating, overseeing, and maintaining the fiscal responsibility for TOVA.  The committee will consist of the Treasurer, who serves as the Chairperson, plus 4 other TOVA members.

The committee normally meets three times a year, (April, August, and December) to review the budget and make any adjustments as necessary.  Any adjustments made must be approved by the TOVA Board of Directors (BOD).


In December of each year, the Committee will review the Budget Assumptions and develop a Preliminary Budget for the upcoming year.  As part of the budget, the Committee determines the contribution amounts for the Veteran Organizations and Community Causes that TOVA supports.  The Committee submits the Preliminary Budget to the TOVA Board of Directors (BOD) for final approval.